it's the media, stupid!

The  Liberal  Media  Myth

Anyone with half-a-brain who watches the media coverage on TV and the newspapers would realize just what a free pass the repugs get on everything and anything they say or do and how the Democrats get punched for anything they say or do.

  • Any media report which is not right out of Rush Limbaugh, Gordon Liddy or RNC headquarters playbooks is "liberal media" for the conservatives.
  • Any media segment which does not bash democrats 24/7 is "liberal media" for the conservatives.
  • Any media that does not bash the Clintons regularly is "liberal media" for the conservatives.
  • Any media piece which does not sing the praises of the GOPers 24/7 is "liberal media" for the conservatives.
  • Any media segment which is objective is "liberal media" for the conservatives.
  • Any media piece which points out the errors of the GOP agenda is "liberal media" for the conservatives.
  • The media run the govt.. The US media, being so BLATANTLY conservative, it's hard for the Democrats and the Liberals to drive home their side - fearing the repercussions. The conservatives appearing frequently on the shows proves the conservative bias in the media, not the opposite.
  • To exercise your right to a free press in this country, you had better own a newspaper."
    --- Eric Alterman, Altercation
  • "People have no idea about the difference in health care in this country. My father got sick when I was poor, my mother got sick when I was rich. My father died, my mother is still alive."
    --- Chris Rock, Rolling Stone

Any MINOR criticism of the POLICIES of their party brings HUGE whining from the elephants. It is just pathetic! But the media can do 24/7 coverage of the PRIVATE LIVES of democrat politicians.

The repugs can DISH it, but cannot TAKE it.

It is being proven EVERYDAY in the so-called "liberal media".

Quotes on   "The Liberal Media"

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"They've liquidated true investigative journalism -- it's expensive and comes back with uncomfortable findings. So news has become the lowest common denominator, which is why you see sensational crime coverage, you see Laci Peterson and Kobe Bryant all the time, you see celebrity gossip, which is really just a form of pornography."
--- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"We've got a dictatorial president and a Justice Department that does not want Congress involved ... Your guy's acting like he's king. His dad was at a 90 percent approval rating and he lost and the same thing can happen to him."
Rep.Dan Burton

"When I was a kid, local news was the specter of Edward R. Murrow. Serious, conscientious men and women reported it. It was sacred ... I was watching a network affiliate station the other day, and you got as much information as one would get from rifling through the yellow pages, kind of quickly. This affiliate is struggling, so they're doing everything they can to remove all content whatsoever."
David Letterman to Al Gore, Columbia University, April 4, 2001

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